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Hello Freaks, we invite you from all over the world to celebrate Anaca Festival 2020 with us!
Thinking of you, who's following us worldwide, miles and miles away, it's time to come together to enjoy the best of electronic music with us! Anacã Crew prepared the ANACÃ INTERNACIONAL PASS, a special way to foreigners who want to celebrate the Festival in our sacred ground.

Sign up on our website now and get your ticket for FREE, invite your friends to enjoy this incredible experience.

In partnership with us, the travel agency "Casa Feliz" will make the transfer from Guarulhos International Airport - GRU to the place where the event will take place (Altinópolis-SP), ensuring safety and ease for you coming from afar. For values consultation or service hiring: contact the agency!

E-mail: [email protected]
Whatsapp Attendance: Magnum N.

* Entries will only be accepted from your source IP (country), registrations made in Brazil will not be accepted.

Anacã Festival 2020 - Ed. Especial de 5 Anos, from March 20th to 22nd, ALTINÓPOLIS - São Paulo

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